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Library Suits ready to unleash new album

By Brentwood Gazette  |  Posted: December 13, 2012

NEW ALBUM: The Library Suits launch their destroy discover album at hooga, Chelmsford, this Friday night

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1. The Library Suits are back! Where have you been?

We have been on a little break. We recorded the album in January 2011 and due to circumstances outside of our control, finishing the album was delayed. We recorded with the incredible Neak Menter who has been on tour with The Joy Formidable, Foo Fighters and Muse for most of the last couple of years, so he was very busy and often not in the UK. However we eventually finished destroy discover in May of this year.

We decided not to continually gig for a year so that when we did release it, it still seemed fresh to us. In the meantime, Matt and Paul formed Captain What and released their debut album in October, Jon has recorded and produced The Lemoncurd Kid's album, and Rich has written a whole batch of new material for a new project called Kicking Pixels, so we've all been busy.

2. It's been a while since you played live round these parts, but you're back with an album launch gig at hooga, Chelmsford on December 14. You must be very excited about this?

Exceptionally excited. It'll have been nearly a year to the day since we played in Chelmsford, and we cannot wait to take the stage again!

We've always taken pride in our live performances, however there is a sense of anticipation between the four of us about this show that is unparalleled to anything we've done before. For us, it simply has to be the best show we've ever done.

3. Tell us about the new album and the story behind its recording?

The album was recorded in January 2011 in Wales with our friend Neak. He's always got the best out of us so it was a no brainer recording with him again. TLS have a habit of writing in short spurts and this album was no different.

Within a few weeks we seemed to have the basis of an album as we had tracks such as'We Play Skins and Mother. Album opener Reinvention and Orion's Belt'soon followed, however, there was a collective feeling we were missing something to really make the album stand out. Then we wrote Every Night It's You And I and we knew we had to get this song out and heard. I think we all felt that it was probably the best thing we'd written.

4. How is the album a progression from what you've done before?

We've come a long was as a band since Suffer:Recover and Because It's Somewhere To Be, however the principles of TLS have remained the same. We want to have fun and write catchy rock music, which is what destroy discover is.

The songs are more confident than before, we know we've taken a bit of stick in the past for being slightly too light-hearted, but with this album we didn't really care what negative things people were saying about us, we just wanted to write a record for ourselves, and we all felt very comfortable with that.

5. Are there any pivotal songs on the album, defining moments?

Every Night It's You and I is probably the stand-out track from the album. It's unlike anything else we've done before. Time Vampires Stole My Soul is again a different genre to previous TLS offerings, and Mother has a swagger to it which we haven't seen before. You Just Can't Run Away again offers something different to the previous albums and Cantors Infinity is a strange breed of 70s disco and mid 2000s guitar riffs, so there are bits throughout the album which define it.

6. What sort of music were you listening to when you were writing the album and is that evident from the finished result?

Well, during the recording of the album we essentially just listened to old 'Now' CDs (Mr Matt Pawsey is to thank/blame for them) and played Fifa, so if there are hints of Lisa Loeb, China Black and Belinda Carlisle in the album then you know why.....

7. Which is your favourite track on the album and why?

Jon: Reinvention, because it's got great dynamics and an awesome string part courtesy of Mr Menter.

Matt: Cantors Infinity, because it's about maths and love.

Rich: It's a toss up between Cantors Infinity and Every Night It's You And I. Cantors just edges it as it's punchy, has energy and pretty much sums up our sound. Every Night is a close second as its new territory for us in terms of songwriting, with the entire outro coming from one of our never ending jams, making it quite special as it occurred naturally and the crescendo is a great way to see off the album.

Paul: Mother, as it's both rock and dance. It's got loads of movement and it's really punchy.

8. Sum up the album in a sentence please...

(Hopefully) Worth the wait.

9. Where and when can we get hold of the album?

The album will be available to buy from us on Friday, December 14 at Hooga. In due course it will be available to download from iTunes and it'll be on Spotify, but for the time being, if you want a copy, you'll have to come to the launch show!

10. What have you got in store for us at your album launch party?

We'll be performing the old songs as well as the new songs. It'll be the usual mix of noise and Matt's special dance moves, plus there might be the odd balloon knocking about. It's a party after all...

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